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The Music In My Heart by Elle

I'm a 14 year old cutie, flirty, freedom lover trapped in a 50 year old's life. My 50 year old body isn't so bad, but being limited to the 50 year old responsibilities and choice consequences sucks!!! I'm on a journey to try make peace between the two.

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Register for an account, add one line of code to your personal website, and display your current mood from amongst hundreds of cute hand-drawn smiley / emoticons!

Whenever your mood changes, simply log into Punkymoods and set your mood. The image displayed on your website will automatically update. See an example of Punkymoods in action.

Best of all, Punkymoods is free!

Mood drawings by the original Unkymoods creator, Marc Lutz. New moods by Lee Cottom and Tina. Used with permission.

This site was created by Peter Keung on June 10th, 2006. You can reach me at
peterAT symbolpunkymoods.net

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